A Place of Light

This is another excerpt from my journal that I would like to share. It needs editing, but I liked it, and hope you will too!

There’s a lot of light in this place.

It’s a haven of pure air and high spirits. It makes me feel like there’s no darkness left in my reality; by this I know it can’t be reality.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Perhaps I’m on a different plane.

It has to be a dream.

I sit on the ground and let it soak in – energy, inspiration, peace. Could this be the place ideas come from?

Could this weightlessness be the root of my inspiration?

Closing my eyes, I search my mind, seeking ideas for my next poem…here in this place of light.

5 thoughts on “A Place of Light

      1. I’d retrace every step and try to induce the same feeling by doing the exact same things I did before I got into that space. It’s tricky though, sometimes it’s something more abstract that just happens to correlate with those events.
        The writing life. *Shaking head*

      2. That comment sounds like it could be a poem! Use the first sentence and see if you can work it into a piece!

        Sorry for the late reply haha, I’m notoriously disorganized and trying to fix that!

      3. Huh, you are right. Lol. I will see if I can’t make something off it.
        Don’t worry too much about being late, it’s only a couple days. That is fine.
        With a name like that you can get away with anything. 😂

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