A Place of Light

This is another excerpt from my journal that I would like to share. It needs editing, but I liked it, and hope you will too! There’s a lot of light in this place. It’s a haven of pure air and high spirits. It makes me feel like there’s no darkness left in my reality; by … Continue reading A Place of Light

What the World Needs Now

Have you ever gotten an urge to write something from the bottom of your heart—only to be intimidated by some unnameable force insisting that you smooth the edges until it no longer sounds like you? That urge to fit in and not ruffle feathers…that urge to be like other people so you won't draw attention… … Continue reading What the World Needs Now

Tips on Overcoming Self-Doubt in Creativity

We waste so much potential every day when we listen to self-doubt. This week I talked to other creatives about the things keeping them from progress in their work. By the end of the discussion, I realized we had one common enemy: Doubt. It's natural to fear nobody will like our work. Fear makes us question whether … Continue reading Tips on Overcoming Self-Doubt in Creativity