A Place of Light

This is another excerpt from my journal that I would like to share. It needs editing, but I liked it, and hope you will too! There’s a lot of light in this place. It’s a haven of pure air and high spirits. It makes me feel like there’s no darkness left in my reality; by … Continue reading A Place of Light

David Copperfield: Escapism and Books

Charles Dickens' David Copperfield is, in many respects, autobiographical. Readers see the protagonist in bleak situations, many of which take root in things the author himself experienced--child abuse, poverty, instances when it was difficult to count one's blessings. As a reader and writer, the following paragraph stood out to me. It describes Copperfield as a … Continue reading David Copperfield: Escapism and Books

What Professor Snape’s Death Tells us about Fiction

Your news feeds are full of Alan Rickman—pictures, quotes, and tributes. Perhaps you're tired of it, which considering the volume of posts would be understandable, but allow me to explain what it means in my point of view. The Rickman post I've seen going around most is this: “Actors are agents of change. A film, … Continue reading What Professor Snape’s Death Tells us about Fiction