Classics By Women: NOT JUST JANE by Shelley DeWees

Men and women alike mocked ladies who wanted to write a book. If their tales were indeed written, many were never published. If they were published, most women so feared the condemnation of society that they did not publish with their names. Instead they chose the appellation By a Lady.

Review—Mozart’s Starling

Picture this: beloved composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at his piano, writing his next masterpiece. He has a great amount of fans eager for something new, so he cannot disappoint. Soon, he will have his piano hauled onto a theater stage (he prefers to use his own at all times); he will perform, bow to great … Continue reading Review—Mozart’s Starling

Catholicism in the Storm

It has been a rough year for everyone. With loss and anxiety spreading across the globe, it can be difficult to remain optimistic. I’ll be the first to admit I spend more time struggling with emotions than seeing the silver lining. The year has also offered many opportunities for growth. I’m finally getting around to … Continue reading Catholicism in the Storm