Your Favorite Author?

It takes a while to discover which authors you might call ‘favorites.’ I, for one, tend to bounce from book to book, rarely lingering on a single author unless they wrote classics. Charles Dickens has been a favorite author of mine from the start—I read A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve!—but apart from him, I … Continue reading Your Favorite Author?

Review – Crave the Rose: Anne Brontë at 200

During my adventures reading books I have become aware of the fact that, when a story is timeless, it's in part because of the person who wrote it. I have decided to learn more about the authors behind those stories which have survived over the centuries, which our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed. Anne Brontë's biography … Continue reading Review – Crave the Rose: Anne Brontë at 200

The Catholic Series: My Next Challenge

The Communion of Saints Wondering what the Communion of Saints is? Read this article! As a writer, what I love most about telling stories is that it allows you to create people. With enough practice, you can make them so lifelike that readers will feel them to be like friends. This month, I’m wrapping up … Continue reading The Catholic Series: My Next Challenge

To Whom It May Concern

Let it be said of meThat my words wadedWhere the wavesDevour, Intent on saving youFor a new Day,For it was notYour Hour. I don’t believeI will meet you;I shall not KnowWho you are, Yet my words,Relentless, found you,Be it near or far. For those who found my work long aft I’ve faded like a flower, … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern