Giveaway Story #1: In the Silence

The giveaway game starts today, and will last until the 26! Here is the first story, and at the end of this post is a question to answer; if you answer correctly, I will put your name in the jar to qualify for a paper copy of Dissonance! To learn all about this giveaway, click here! … Continue reading Giveaway Story #1: In the Silence

How to Participate in the Dissonance Paperback Giveaway

I've been looking forward to this--the first Dissonance paperback giveaway! On February 26, I'm choosing a person (they can be anywhere in the world!) who will receive a copy of Dissonance, but this isn't a like-to-win situation. I have written four short stories based on what happened before Dissonance. They show four characters' points of … Continue reading How to Participate in the Dissonance Paperback Giveaway

#wordstorm: looking at flowers

At the grocery store yesterday, I photographed many flower arrangements. It's not spring yet, but flowers remind me of what's to come! Time flies, and soon it will be warm. There'll be more flowers, ladybugs, even bees (which I hate.) I'll be able to wear shorter sleeves. There'll be a smell of new in the … Continue reading #wordstorm: looking at flowers

What I Learned as an Author in 2015

2015 was a special year because I finally published my first book, Dissonance, in June. I spent months putting it off--perhaps I was scared to have my story out in the open, or I edited too much. But it finally happened, and I never regretted it! I know it's a cliche, but leave your comfort zone and dreams … Continue reading What I Learned as an Author in 2015

Cover Reveal: Dissonance by Mariella Hunt

With Serenade finally undergoing revision, it was time to get the cover business taken care of--to have a pair of matching covers ready for the sequel's release. The second edition of Dissonance features a girl who looks exactly like Allie, and lots of blue--which is all she will wear. She loves blue. Fifteen-year-old singer Allie Grant lives crippled … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Dissonance by Mariella Hunt

Learning to Love Your Writing

As creatives, we never seem to be finished with our projects. Most writers find it difficult to read their work after publication, because we are harsh critics. It doesn't matter how many times people tell us they enjoyed the story--we always find something in our work to criticize. I found that to be the case … Continue reading Learning to Love Your Writing

Celebrate October with The Autumn Prince + Serenade is Getting Closer!

October is going to be a very interesting, exciting month on the blog. If you've been following me on any social networks, you've probably heard of The Autumn Prince. It's a short story I wrote in three days--14k--with the purpose of sharing with you guys my twist of a Halloween story. I wanted to pour some romance … Continue reading Celebrate October with The Autumn Prince + Serenade is Getting Closer!

An Author on an Expedition

I'm going on another adventure! (THANKS, MOM!) If you've read Dissonance, you know there exists a fallen faery tale off the California cost and it's called Serenade. What? You haven't read it? Okay, well I just told you--I know these things. What? Yes, I wrote it. That doesn't mean it's not true--in some dimension. And today I am … Continue reading An Author on an Expedition

Bookworms Don’t Run Out of Adventures

It's so easy to get caught up in the writing and reading. It's easy to forget that life is a story; it deserves to be chronicled. I used to be so good at keeping a journal. I don't know why my enthusiasm in journal writing faded; maybe I have too many journals and not enough drive … Continue reading Bookworms Don’t Run Out of Adventures

my dream–finally in paperback

I'm supposed to make these life posts on Monday but it is Tuesday. Clearly I'm a day late but I'm doing better because I remembered to post and am amending my mishap now. What happened this week? Dissonance is available in paperback. And with that done, I can finally move onto the sequel, Elegy. I have a 60k draft I never … Continue reading my dream–finally in paperback

Dissonance is now available in print!

A few days ago two proof copies of Dissonance arrived in my mailbox and they looked absolutely perfect, as opposed to the first disastrous attempt. I'd selected a matte finish for the first one and it just destroyed the details of the image. You couldn't tell the silhouette is of a girl in the background. So I … Continue reading Dissonance is now available in print!

cats, Sabriel, and my coffee tasting career

Because books are my life and this blog is titled life, literature & coffee, I figured I'd make a periodical to keeps you up-to-date on two of those things while I wait to become a coffee taster. Every Monday I will try to update you briefly on life and reading. Dissonance is now available on nook … Continue reading cats, Sabriel, and my coffee tasting career